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Upgrade your workout routine with our carefully curated accessory bundle that includes everything you need to enhance your fitness journey. Whether you're looking to improve your balance, engage your core, tone your muscles, or amp up your cardio, this bundle has you covered. Get ready to take your workouts to the next level with these versatile and effective fitness tools:

  1. BOSU® Balance Bar Add a new dimension to your balance training with the BOSU® Balance Bar. Strengthen and challenge your stability by incorporating the Balance Bar into your BOSU® Balance Trainer exercises. Choose from two weight options: 2 KG (4.4 lbs.) or 4 KG (8.8 lbs.). The soft foam grip ensures a secure hold and a touch of elegance to your routine.

  2. BOSU® Core Sliders Transform any surface into a toning zone with the BOSU® Core Sliders. These sliders glide smoothly on various surfaces, including carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. Use the foam or smooth side depending on your workout area. Sculpt your legs, arms, and core with ease using these versatile sliders.

  3. BOSU® Jump Rope Elevate your cardio workouts with the BOSU® Jump Rope. Designed for high-energy, fast-paced sessions, this jump rope features laser-engraved steel handles for a firm grip. The steel braided rope coated with protective rubber ensures smooth air and ground contact. Enjoy maximum speed and intensity with the 12-foot adjustable rope and industrial-grade ball bearings.

  4. 3pk BOSU® Fabric Resistance Bands Shape and tone your lower body with the 3pk BOSU® Fabric Resistance Bands. Crafted from durable elastic fabric, these bands are perfect for targeting your legs, inner thighs, and glutes. The bundle includes three resistance levels: Heavy (48lbs), Medium (38lbs), and Light (28lbs). Customize your workouts by choosing the ideal resistance for each exercise.

Enhance your fitness routine with this all-inclusive accessory bundle that combines balance, strength, core engagement, and cardio for a well-rounded workout experience. Achieve your fitness goals and unlock your full potential with the versatility and quality of BOSU® fitness accessories. Order now and take the first step towards a fitter, healthier you!


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