BOSU® Helm (Push Up Bar)

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Stability Training Simplified

Designed by a chiropractor and consulted on by professional athletes, the BOSU® Helm allows you to train your upper body for strength, stability, and endurance while simultaneously working on your core. The BOSU® Helm offers more dynamic properties than the generally static plank position.

Although it can be used on the ground for standard pushups and plank support, The BOSU® Helm was engineered to sit perfectly on top of any full-size BOSU® Balance Trainer or Swiss ‘stability’ training ball (unstable surface) or the ground (stable surface) allowing the user a broad range of exercises.

The BOSU® Helm adds dynamics of strength, stability, and endurance training to your traditional core workouts while focusing on abs, arms, shoulders, and upper / lower back, all with one device.


Adding a New Dimension to Your Workout

The BOSU® Helm allows you to utilize the Balance Trainer to transform standard pushups and planks into stability training exercises. The ball creates a 4-dimensional movement axis underneath the BOSU® Helm. This means that your body is forced to stabilize & work harder with every movement. Every muscle in your upper body concentrates on keeping your center of gravity balanced. You build muscle faster when using the Helm on the ball. The minor movements caused by the Helm & the ball forces your brain to constantly adapt, react, and respond - creating a better connection between your mind and the musculature it controls.



The ergonomic handle design allows for a proper wrist position while using a BOSU® Balance Trainer to perform stability training exercises. This prevents wrist strain and wrist-related fatigue/injury. The three different positions also allow for a more expansive range of musculature targeted.

  • The Narrow Grip pushup transfers the stress to your triceps with a secondary focus on your shoulders & inner chest.
  • The Standard Grip pushup balances stress the most evenly throughout your chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • The Wide Grip pushup transfers the stress primarily to your outer chest, shoulders, and back, allowing you to target those hard-to-reach muscles.

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